Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chris Noel - 1967

Chris was the girl back home for Vietnam era troops.  In the beginning middle of the road music.  By 1968, she was rocking out.

She still supports the troops, with the Vetsville Ceasefire House.  Support our brothers with a donation.  Buy cool Chris Noel stuff.  Just click here

Let's hear Chris!

AFRTS Record labels - part three

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Joe Ferguson - 1983

It's a Wednesday in the summer of 1983 and blogfan Joe Ferguson has "The Joe Show".  I ran these on SCN... Thanks again for sharing the memories Joe!

John Doremus - 1969

John Doremus has your music for the dinner hour

Gene Price - 1973

When I arrived in Panama and was settled into the temporary quarters in 1980 there was Gene Price.  Gene and Leonard had a long run on the network.  Gene followed fellow KFOX vet Charlie Williams as one of the AFRTS country voices and truly made the show his own. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Steve Johnson and Rich Halten podcast

Check out new podcast...AFNer Rich Halten and I produce...


AFRTS Record Labels - part two

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

AFN Earl Freudenberg 1973

Earl Freudenberg 1970 with Minnie Pearl

I originally had orders to Viet Nam in 1972..  Got to Oakland, CA.  It was worth it because a group of use got to go to baseball game.  They took us back in this Room and Gene Autry came out and shook out hands.  4 days later, Pres. Nixon diverted a group of us to Germany.  I ended up in Heidelberg. 

When I Reported for duty the SGT learned I had radio experience and call Mr. Moore at AFNE and asked them if they needed a broadcaster.  He said we’ll Find him a job.  The Colonel was off that day for they used his car to take me to Frankfurt.  A SGT from Kingsport, TN said our country announcer Is rotating Friday, this was Tuesday.  He said we need a replacement to start next Monday.  That will be your program. 

They had not even heard my tape.  I made one. I Guess they liked it, never said.  Was accepted after being told what I was going to do.  Hosted “Town and Country” for over 12 months.  AFN program director Bud Miller did my introduction.  He died last year 2016.  I was told at that time that my  mail was among the highest.  Still have most of those letters.  Also did several other programs.  Filled in when other announcers were sick.  Came back home and worked in radio doing about everything anyone could want. 

Spent more of my career at WDOD.  I’ve posted a lot of pics about My career.  I was inducted into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame last May.  Radio was good to me for nearly 55 years.  Retired at the end of last August.  I tried to save as much as I could.  Put a lot of my stuff on reel and sent it back home to my parents.  A missionary friend of Mine in Germany who listened to me said the old AFNE building has been leveled.  Last picture is an view of German broadcasting.  You’ll see AFNE to the right. 
Several AFNers that were there when I was, Herb Glover, Dave Perry, Chris Davala and John Dedekis.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ira Cook - 1963

In 1963 Ira Cook was recording his show at KMPC rather than at McCadden place, that came later.  The jocks were recording their shows and sending in the tapes.  Quality standards were all over the place.  This sounds nice.  It's a Thursday in 1963.  Here's Ira Cook.

Chris Noel - 1968

During Vietnam, actress Chris Noel did the “Date With Chris” show, one of the most popular programs in the history of the network. There are some examples in the blog. Since the war she’s run a shelter for veterans, still fighting the good fight. Take 10 seconds and help a great person.  Now she needs your help.  Please do what you can. Vetsville